Crabill’s Riverview Brand Cloth Bologna by the pound or the meat stick


Local meat masters Crabill’s Butchery  brings us another outstanding product.  Their Riverview Brand Cloth Bologna is the real deal.  You can buy it by the pound, $4.99 or get your own Bologna Stick for $6.25.  We are also showcasing local Goats Milk Soap from Star Tannery in Shenandoah County.  Baron Faust with Fossil Rock Farm provides an astonishing assortment of flavors and scents.  Sure does make the beer aisle smell fresh!

What does all this have to do with BBQ, you ask?  Not much…and Everything.  Barbecue is about bringing the community together, communicating with our neighbors, breaking bread together, and generally providing an atmosphere of support.  Come sit at the Wagon Wheel table, meet a new friend, and learn about all the exciting products that your talented friends and neighbors produce!

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