About US
In 1952, my grandfather, John D., began selling BBQ chicken to support the growing agriculture community in the Shenandoah Valley. During the 1950s and 1960s, John D. took his BBQ show on the road with our original food trailer, The Chicken Palace, attending various festivals and fairs across the state.
During the 1970s, my father, George, took over the business and our reputation for outstanding BBQ expanded across the region. Shaffer's has served BBQ from our stand at the Shenandoah County Fair in Woodstock, VA, every year since 1956 and catered events large and small - including one for 5,000 people outside Atoka, VA.
Having grown up in the family business, I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie and community spirit that a BBQ joint inspires. After flying helicopters in the Navy and starting a food truck in Arlington, my wife Julie and I have settled in 1760 native Virginia limestone house in Winchester with our children Sam, CeCe, & Ruby.
In July 2016 we bought and renovated a 1956 gas station a few miles away in Middletown and opened Shaffer's BBQ & Market.  We offer breakfast, lunch, and supper, 7A-7P, Monday thru Saturday.  Our market and general store features local products, craft beer, meats, and of course Big Julie's famous BBQ Sauces and Rub. Virginia.
Quality, Service, and Value remain the pillars of our family business. We enjoy carrying on the family tradition and look forward to seeing you on the Valley Pike sometime soon.

About Our BBQ
Barbecue is equal parts science and art.  Do not get in a hurry……maintain consistent smoke and fire, invite some good company, and get ready to enjoy a complex host of flavors.
Preparing traditional Virginia Barbecue is all about time and temperature. Our pit is fired with oak, harvested locally.  We specialize in Boston Butts (Pork shoulder), Beef Briskets, St. Louis cut Ribs, and locally produced sausage and chicken.
One of several home-made rubs is applied to each piece of meat before being placed inside the pit. Then we let the smoke take over. Indirect heat applied at a consistent rate over several hours enables the smoke to penetrate the meat, producing a tender bite with complex flavors. Three home-made sauces top off the BBQ and are available for purchase in our Market.
I have logged thousands of hours with my Grandfather and Father, honing the traditions and techniques that make Shaffer’s BBQ unique, delicious, and absolutely traditional to the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia.  Julie, Sam, CeCe, Ruby, & I look forward to sharing with you and your family!